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When buying paint, a big part of choosing your product will be the colour of the paint. Choosing colours can be a difficult task most of the time and should you have the need to re-order your colour, there is always the possibility that you may not get the same colour again. With the colour services Coral offers you, buying and re-oredering coloured paint will be a pleasant experience. We offer you the following services:

ColourSure: ColourSure is a system we have developed to ensure that colour differences between different mixes and batches of paint are eliminated to a level not easily seen by the human eye.. With ColourSure you can have peace of mind when re-ordering your coloured paint.

Accurate Computer Tinting: By using accurate computer controlled colourant dispensing machines, you can be  sure of getting the most accurate dispensed colours again and again.

Full Record Keeping: Our complete record keeping systemensures that we have all the details about your paint project. This includes project details, paint type and quality used, colours used and also where certain paints and colours have been applied.

Easy Re-Order System: Re-oredering your paint at Coral, wether coloured or not, is very easy. Even when a couple of years went bye  since you painted. Just give us your name or project name and where you want to re--paint and we will ensure you get the right paint.

Colour Matching: If you need a colour which can not be found in our 10 000 colour database, just bring us a sample and we will formulate a colour to match your requirements.

Colour Schemes:

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