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Application Techniques
Paint problems
Plan to Paint
Surface Preparation
Finishing Coats

Online Training

With our online training you can equip yourself with the propper knowledge to ensure you are able to do a lasting, quality paint job. Below are  short descriptions of what you can learn by clicking on any of the training sections on the left of the screen:

Paint Types: Learn about Oil-based paints, PVA's and Acrylics.

Application Techniques: Discover the right way to apply paint in less time  and using less paint.

Paint Problems: Learn what the most commen causes for paint failures are and how to identify why paint failed.

Recommendations: Do you need good advice to ensure quality workmanship, then follow these  recommendations.

Plan to Paint: We tell you step by step how to plan for a quality paint job.

Surface Preparation: What does surface preparation involve?

Primers: Learn about the important role primers play in a paint system.

Undercoats: What is the role of an undercoat ?

Finishing Coats: How to choose the right finishing coat for your requirements.